Meet Meg!

Known for her chic spin on a timeless look, Nashville based Designer Meg White understands how to combine elegance and functionality for the busy lifestyles of today.

Meg graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in Interior Design. After spending 5 years as the owner and operator of antique store Petit Chateu, Meg decided to refocus her passion on Interior Design. In 2009, she launched Meg White Interiors and has been growing ever since. With an impressive client list, and an amazing portfolio of creative spaces, she has established herself as one of the top designers in Nashville.

First and foremost, Meg is concerned with meeting her client’s needs. She has a passion for making each project unique yet reflective of the client’s personality and perspective. A believer in mixing vintage pieces with contemporary concepts, Meg loves to find the perfect antique to age a modern room. Her passion for history leads her on a constant search to find the exact piece that sets every project apart and allows each room to build its own identity. A lover of color, texture, and pattern, Meg’s style is deliberate and cohesive - design that will truly stand the test of time!